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How Likely Is It for Your HVAC to Overheat This Winter?

HVAC overheatFew things are more satisfying than the warmth from your HVAC system on a cold day. What if it gets too warm, though? Is there a risk of an HVAC overheat? Not from the heat being generated by the system, but there are a few issues that can make an HVAC overheat in the winter, causing the system to shut down. Here’s what to look for.

Airflow Issues

When there’s not enough airflow into your home, your unit has to work harder to heat the space. When it’s overworked, it can cause overheating. The most common cause of poor airflow is a clogged filter. The particle buildup means not enough air can get through to heat your house properly. However, there are other potential issues as well, such as leaking ductwork. Make sure your ducts are sealed to keep from losing air as it travels from the HVAC system to the rooms in your house.

If you have a heat pump, you may encounter another airflow issue. If the condenser coils in your outdoor unit have blockage, air can’t flow properly and the system can overheat. Blockage is caused by two things: If there’s grass, bushes, or other obstructions around the unit, it restricts airflow. Likewise, if your condenser coil is dirty, it can block airflow through the system. Clean your condenser coils every six months to get rid of grime and dirt buildup.

Low Refrigerant

Another heat-pump issue that can cause overheating is a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is what extracts heat from the air and pumps it into your home. If you don’t have enough refrigerant, not enough heat is extracted, making your HVAC overheat.

If you suspect this has happened to your system, call your HVAC technician to repair the leak and recharge your refrigerant. Don’t try to fix it yourself. Dealing with refrigerant requires special training, and without it, you could end up causing further damage to the system.

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