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How to Deal with a Thermostat Malfunction This Winter

Having a thermostat that isn’t working means your Yuma home might have trouble staying warm during winter if the furnace doesn’t turn on. Knowing what to do about a thermostat malfunction helps ensure that your heating system works as it should all winter long.

Change the Batteries

If your thermostat runs on batteries, a simple battery change might fix the problem. Take out the current batteries and put new ones in to see if your thermostat starts to work again.

Check the Breaker

If you have a thermostat that’s wired into your home’s power supply, it can shut off when the breaker trips. Check the breaker to see if it needs to be reset. Keep in mind that if your thermostat blows a fuse, you should have qualified technicians handle this problem.

Replace an Older Thermostat

Thermostats often last up to 15 years, depending on the type you have. If your thermostat stops working as it’s nearing its expected life span, consider replacing it with a new one instead of trying to repair it. A newer thermostat, such as a smart thermostat or a programmable thermostat, can help you lower your heating and cooling bills and hopefully avoid another thermostat malfunction.

Check the Current Settings

Make sure the settings on your thermostat are correct if you’re trying to heat your home. Your thermostat should be set to heat mode rather than AC or fan mode. Check the temperature setting on your thermostat as well. If you have it set very low, the heat won’t kick on as often as it would if set to a higher temperature.

Change the Location

If your thermostat is installed close to a heat source such as a lamp or near a window that lets sunlight in, it won’t turn your heat on as much even if the rest of your home is cold. Make sure your thermostat is placed in a location that’s away from heat sources and drafty areas.

If you need help with a thermostat malfunction, please contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. Our HVAC experts offer high-quality HVAC repairs, installation, and maintenance services (including help with thermostat malfunction) in Yuma.