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Want to Extend Your Home Furnace’s Life? Here’s How.

On average, you can expect your furnace to last for about 15 years. With proper care and maintenance, though, it can be with you for 20 years or more. How do you extend your furnace life? Here are a few tips.

  • Change the air filter. A clogged filter can disrupt your airflow. Without enough air to heat your home, your furnace has to run longer, putting more strain on the system and shortening its life span. Check the filter regularly and change it every three to six months to ensure that air flows properly.
  • Seal ductwork leaks. Another thing that can reduce airflow is leaks in your ductwork. Even pinhole leaks can result in energy losses of up to 30%. Examine your ducts for holes, tears, and other damage, and repair them with metal tape or mastic sealant.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to set an energy-efficient temperature while you’re out of the house. This is preferable to simply turning the furnace off while you’re not home, as that can make the house too cold, forcing your system to work harder to bring it back up to temperature once you return. By maintaining a steady but efficient temperature, you can save energy and reduce HVAC strain, extending your furnace life.
  • Insulate. Heat rises. To keep the heat in your furnace from escaping through your ceiling, you need to make sure your attic is properly insulated. This will help your home heat more efficiently and keep it comfortable longer, with less stress on your system.
  • Remember annual maintenance. The best way to extend your furnace life is to remember your annual tuneup. Every fall, just before heating season, call your HVAC technician to examine your system. They’ll make sure the components are functioning properly, repair or replace any failing parts, check your thermostat settings, and perform a host of other tasks that will maximize your furnace’s efficiency and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

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