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Why These Spring HVAC Tips Can Ready Your Home Unit

The weather in Yuma is so nice in late winter/early spring that most of us are enjoying being outdoors — and not needing to run the HVAC system when we’re inside. But we all know summer is coming, and with it, the hottest temperatures of any city in the United States. What’s more, our summers are long, so that means using the HVAC night and day. Good maintenance is a must.

So what does good AC maintenance look like? We’re going to share some spring HVAC tips that will get you started.

  1. Remove condenser covers. If you covered up your condenser with a tarp or a manufactured cover to protect it over the winter, it’s time to remove it. Check inside the condenser to make sure that no critters — mice, ants, or other living things — have taken up residence over the winter. Also, clear away any weeds, leaves, or other debris from the base of the condenser. Trim back tree limbs or shrubs that are within 2 feet of the unit.
  2. Change the air filter. You should, of course, be regularly changing your air filter as soon as it’s dirty (or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations), but the advent of spring is a good time to start off with a clean filter. One of the most important spring HVAC tips is that a clean filter will promote good airflow so that the system runs efficiently and without strain while keeping your home cooler.
  3. Check your house for air leaks. As your home settles on its foundation, minute cracks can appear around windows and doors, baseboards, and other locations. These cracks let conditioned air escape, while outdoor air can get in. To check for air leaks, light a stick of incense and hold it near these places. If the lit end glows, you may have a leak. Plug leaks with caulk, weatherstripping, and insulation.
  4. Schedule maintenance. Call your HVAC consultant and schedule spring maintenance, during which you can ask more about these spring HVAC tips. Maintenance will catch failing parts before they cause problems that can shorten the life of your equipment.

For more spring HVAC tips, contact your local air-conditioner consultant. Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company is serving Yuma and the surrounding area.