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Achieve Lower AC Bills with Higher AC Temperatures

Homeowners in Yuma rely on their HVAC systems to keep their home cool when temperatures heat up. This often leads to high energy bills all summer. Higher AC temperatures inside your home can help lower your cooling bills.

Raise Your Thermostat Setting to Higher AC Temperatures

You might not realize how much you can save on energy bills just by raising your thermostat setting a few (or more) degrees. This adjustment lowers the amount of time your HVAC system runs during summer to cool your home. The less it runs, the lower your energy bills will be.

You might be used to having your thermostat set at a certain temperature, so it might take time to adjust to a higher setting. However, you can still keep your home cool overall. Try raising the temperature in your home a few degrees at first. You can then raise it a couple degrees more once you’re used to the higher setting.

When to Set Higher AC Temperatures

When should you turn your thermostat setting to higher AC temperatures? If you’re worried about being uncomfortably warm, try doing this during the day if you work outside the home. Since you’ll be gone all day, you won’t notice the higher indoor temperature. You can lower your thermostat setting when you’re home for the day if your home doesn’t feel cool enough for you. You might also consider raising the thermostat temperature a few degrees overnight, when you’ll be sleeping.

Tips for Cooling Your Home’s Interior

In addition to raising your thermostat setting, you can take other steps to help your home feel cooler. Turn ceiling fans on to circulate cooled air throughout the room. You should also have routine HVAC maintenance done on your system to keep it working efficiently. This can help lower your energy bills even more.

If you need to schedule HVAC maintenance at your Yuma home, please contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. Our HVAC technicians can give your system a tuneup to improve its efficiency.