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Learn Why Higher AC Temperatures Can Lower Your Bill

Your HVAC system has — by far — the highest energy consumption of any appliance in your home. You can lower your bills by raising the thermostat a few degrees so that the system isn’t working so hard. However, especially in the unforgiving Arizona heat, how do you survive without a constant blast of AC? Here are a few ways to stay comfortable with higher AC temperatures.

  • Ceiling fans. Ceiling fans use far less energy than your AC. When you run them, you can turn the thermostat up about five degrees with no reduction in comfort. The air blowing against your skin creates a windchill effect which then makes the room feel cooler than it actually is.
  • Window treatments. If you want to survive on higher AC temperatures, you’ll need to eliminate as much natural heat from your home as possible, particularly if you have large, south-facing windows that get direct sunlight. Heavy drapes will block out the light. However, if you still want the sun without the heat, consider a window film or a solar screen. They’re designed to let sunlight in but remove the heat, keeping your home cooler.
  • Trees. Deciduous trees such as maple or oak have broad, flat leaves that fall off in the autumn. If you plant one in your yard, you’ll have shade from the sun throughout the summer. Then when the leaves fall off, they’ll let sunlight and warmth in during the colder months, allowing you to set higher AC temperatures and lowering your energy bills all year.
  • Insulation. Insulation slows the flow of heat. In summer, that means keeping the cool air in your home longer and preventing the hot air from entering it so you stay comfortable with higher AC temperatures.
  • Cook outside. Whenever you use the stove or oven, it adds to the heat permeating your home and forces your AC to run longer. That’s why barbecue is so popular in the summer. Do more grilling and outdoor cooking to keep the heat at bay.

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