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Ways You Can Mix Natural and AC Cooling Inside Your Home

It’s cooling season, and your energy bills are about to skyrocket. How can you supplement your AC with natural cooling methods that will keep you comfortable with less energy? Here are a few ways to combine natural and AC cooling.

  • Air circulation. The better air is able to flow through your home, the more comfortable you and your family will be, so good ventilation is key. In the early morning, before it gets too hot, or at night after the sun sets, open the windows at either end of each room. This creates a cross-draft to flush the hot air out and bring cool air in. Then, when the temperature starts to rise, close the windows and draw the shades to keep your home cool longer. Turn the fans on as well to help with air circulation, as fans use much less energy than your HVAC system.
  • Insulation. In winter, insulation keeps heat in your home. In summer, it works the other way, keeping the heat from getting in. As the sun beats down on your roof, insulation in your attic will keep your house cool. Solar shades on the windows can help, too, filtering out UV rays.
  • Swamp cooler. As air passes over a wet membrane, it cools. Swamp coolers use this principle to cool the air that’s circulated through your home for less energy than your AC uses. You can invest in a swamp cooler or make a DIY one with a desk fan, an ice chest, and some frozen water bottles.
  • Geothermal heat pump. This option for combining natural and AC cooling is a bit pricier, but there are tax breaks to offset the cost, and it’s a great way to combine natural and AC cooling. A geothermal heat pump cools your home using energy from beneath the Earth’s surface. Water runs through a loop of pipe underground. The temperature beneath the Earth’s surface cools the water, which then cools air that’s circulated through your home, making your house comfortable with less electricity.

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