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Know the Best Thermostat Placement Inside Your Home

Even the most advanced smart thermostat needs to be installed in the right spot to work properly. Here, we’re going to take a look at proper thermostat placement — as well as where you should never put one.

Where You Should Place a Thermostat

No matter what type of thermostat you have, you need to place it in an area that will give it the most accurate reading. We’d suggest that you place it on an interior wall where there are no obstructions. It’s also best to place it in or near a room that’s frequently used.

Where You Should Not Place a Thermostat

Now that you know where you should place a thermostat, let’s discuss a few areas that you should definitely avoid:

Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight will wreak havoc with your thermostat. If it can’t be helped during certain times of the day, be sure that you close the curtain whenever the sun is out.

Near Air Vents

Thermostat placement above or near an air vent will have the same effect as direct sunlight, except in the opposite direction. The constant air from your HVAC equipment will make the thermostat believe that the room is cooler than it actually is.

Kitchen Area

Using your oven or stovetop will instantly increase the surrounding temperature. If the thermostat is too close to the kitchen, it’ll get a false reading and improperly turn your equipment on or off (depending on the season).

In the Hallway

Installing a thermostat in the hallway is a great place but air needs to circulate to make the temperature comfortable for people in all rooms. The hallway will be at the average temperature if the fan is set to ‘circulate’ or in the ‘on’ position.

Near Doors and Windows

Thermostat placement near a door or window is a mistake. Doors are the biggest problem because they’re constantly opened throughout the day, which can skew the thermostat’s reading.

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