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Should You Have Open Windows During Summer: Yes or No?

Cracking open a window can literally be a breath of fresh air that boosts your mood and revitalizes indoor-air quality. However, when the Yuma-area summer heat is unrelenting, there’s not always an easy answer about whether to have open windows or not. There are energy bills and outdoor air quality to consider. So, to help answer this question, review the following pros and cons of opening windows to help you make the best informed decision unique to your comfort preferences, indoor-air quality, and home-energy efficiency.

Advantages of Open Windows

One of the nice advantages of opening your windows is the immediate relief and mood boost you may feel, which could come from a variety of reasons. Perhaps the air in your home has become too stuffy and you and your home could use some fresh air. Or perhaps something has cooked a little too long on the stovetop or in the oven and your kitchen is filling up with smoke. Another feeling of relief and even delight from open windows can be lower cooling bills.

Disadvantages of Open Windows

There are disadvantages of opening windows during the summer that go beyond the obvious reason of higher energy bills and comfort. Even though studies have shown outdoor air quality is typically much better than indoor air quality, it is still a significant matter to keep in mind, particularly if someone in your home suffers from respiratory ailments. The website operated by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality provides good information on outdoor air quality.

Fresh Indoor Air Ventilation

A whole-home ventilation system offers a practical solution for introducing fresh outdoor air into the home while ensuring good indoor-air quality. One such system is a heat-recovery ventilator, or HRV. HRVs bring in outdoor air via ductwork. The outdoor air transfers heat with indoor air to save energy, and the inflow of outdoor air is filtered to help ensure good air quality.

Your HVAC system is a great answer to the question of open windows versus home efficiency. To learn more about your ventilation options, please contact the pros at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.