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Here’s Why You Should Consider HVAC Zones in Your Home

Does your home have hot and cold spots? Is it difficult to get the entire house comfortable at once? Are you wasting energy by constantly readjusting the thermostat? Installing a zoning system could be just the solution you need. Here are some of the advantages of HVAC zones in your home.

Improved Comfort

Different areas of your house heat and cool at different rates. Hot air rises, so upstairs rooms will stay warm even when the downstairs is cool. Likewise, if one side of the house gets direct sunlight, the temperature will rise more quickly. This leads to thermostat wars, where different family members turn the thermostat up or down based on the temperature of the room they’re in.

A zoning system puts a thermostat in each room. That way, each person can adjust the temperature according to their needs and their personal preference, creating a more even temperature across the house and ensuring everyone is comfortable, avoiding the need for thermostat wars.

Improved Efficiency Thanks to HVAC Zones

Thermostat wars are more than just annoying. Constantly turning the temperature up and down wastes energy and puts extra stress on your unit, wearing it out sooner. The even temperature you get with HVAC zones reduces this energy waste.

Thermostat readjustments aren’t the only way your system wastes energy. A regular HVAC system has one setting for air distribution, sending out air at full blast everywhere in the house, regardless of how hot or cold it is in each area. A zoning system uses a variable-speed air handler to regulate air according to need. One room is too hot? Send more air there. Another room is a bit cooler? Send less air to that area.

By sending air only as needed, it not only creates a more even temperature throughout your home, it reduces the amount of energy your HVAC system needs to keep your home comfortable, thus using less energy and lowering your bills and your carbon footprint.

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