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Not Cleaning Your AC Filters? Here’s What Can Happen.

Here in Yuma, we can expect high temperatures for most of our long summer. Our air conditioners get a workout and require annual preventative maintenance to make sure they work efficiently through the cooling season. One easy DIY task you can do is to change the air filter regularly. Or, if you are not physically able to change it, have your HVAC tech or a friend change it. Regardless of how it gets done, it’s of optimum importance that AC filters are changed regularly or, if they’re the permanent type, that they are washed.

Why HVAC Filters Need Changing or Cleaning

When a filter gets dirty, it can impede the flow of air in your HVAC. This slowdown means your air conditioner will not cool as effectively. Furthermore, the slow airflow may cause a range of problems, from frozen evaporator coils to friction between moving parts. Besides these functional problems, the fact that the air conditioner has to work harder to cool your home means you’ll be paying more on your utility bill. 

Washable or permanent filters need cleaning or they will not trap particles as they’re supposed to.

It all comes down to this: Air filters cannot do the job they were designed to do — keeping dirt out of your HVAC system and cleaning the air — if they are dirty. 

Changing and Cleaning Your HVAC Filters

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for changing and cleaning air filters. If you use a denser, quality filter that traps smaller particulates, you may be able to go as long as three months before changing your AC filters. However, if you have dusty conditions in your house and/or you have shedding pets, you may need to change it more often. If you use cheap fiberglass filters, be sure to change them every month. 

Clean Filters Help You Save

While you may balk at spending more money on changing air filters often, just remember that you’re actually saving money by ensuring your air conditioner works more efficiently.

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