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Which HVAC Sounds Shouldn’t You Always Be Hearing?

Your HVAC system typically makes some noise when it runs. You might hear it start up and blow air through your vents, for example. However, some HVAC sounds can indicate that there’s a problem with your equipment. Find out which noises you shouldn’t be hearing and what to do about them.

Banging or Rattling Sounds

Loose, misaligned, or disconnected components inside your HVAC system can make these HVAC sounds. Broken or damaged parts can also make these HVAC sounds. HVAC technicians can inspect your HVAC equipment to pinpoint the source of these sounds and make repairs.

Screeching Sounds

A dry blower motor can cause your HVAC system to make a screeching noise. These motors need to be lubricated regularly to prevent this problem. You can have this done as part of routine HVAC maintenance.

Humming Noises

Loose parts, including wiring, can cause humming to occur. If your HVAC’s compressor is humming, you might have a problem with the motor. Schedule service to have HVAC technicians inspect your HVAC equipment and make any necessary repairs to stop the humming sounds.

Squealing Noises

Belt problems, motor-bearing issues, and problems with other parts can lead to squealing sounds. In some cases, a belt just needs to be tightened. However, damage to components can also cause this noise. Have an HVAC technician check your equipment to fix squealing sounds.

Clicking Noises

HVAC systems usually click when they turn on and off. You shouldn’t hear clicking sounds frequently, though. Bad connections or electrical problems with your HVAC system can lead to this kind of noise.

Buzzing Sounds

Debris inside your HVAC system can cause buzzing noises. This sound can also happen when fan blades aren’t balanced or when other parts are loose. However, more serious issues can cause buzzing sounds. HVAC technicians can check your HVAC system to find the source of the sound and make repairs.

If you have concerns about HVAC sounds you’re hearing, please contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. Our HVAC experts in Yuma can make any repairs to your HVAC system.