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Do You Know How to Avoid the Need for Heating Repairs?

Repairman servicing or repairing furnace

While the Arizona days continue to be warm well into the winter months, the cold Yuma nights can send you scrambling to make sure your heating system is functioning so it can take the chill off as you sleep. Property owners can help prevent the need for costly repairs by following these simple steps.

Maintaining Filters

Basic heating-system maintenance includes ensuring that your filter is cleaned and replaced on a regular schedule. Energy Star suggests that a monthly cleaning can help prevent heating-system issues. Depending on the type of filter that is used, it should be replaced every three to six months. Cleaning and replacing your air filter on a schedule helps prevent blockages that can put a strain on your system and lead to the need for costly heating repairs.

Check Your System

Regularly inspecting your system to ensure that there is no visible damage is an important step in preventing the need for heating repairs. If you notice that there are cracks or blockages within the system, you should contact a professional to perform minor repairs before the issue grows into a larger, more costly problem.

Invest in Routine Maintenance

While you may forgo routine maintenance calls in order to cut back on household costs, heating-system maintenance can actually save you money by detecting potential problems while they are still minor issues. An experienced technician will inspect all of the components of your system, including those parts that may be difficult for you to access on your own. An annual inspection can be scheduled at the beginning of the home heating season to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

For more information on how routine maintenance can prevent the need for costly heating repairs, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company today. We serve Yuma and the surrounding areas.