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Learn Why the Department of Energy Values HVAC Maintenance

Most homeowners understand the importance of HVAC maintenance, but it’s always better when you have a trusted source to back you up. This is where the Department of Energy comes in. They’ve recognized maintenance as essential for each and every household. Read on to learn a few reasons why they’re in favor of it.

Fewer Equipment Breakdowns

Every piece of HVAC equipment has many moving parts that can break down after years of use. One of the biggest reasons why the Department of Energy has recognized the importance of HVAC maintenance is because they agree that it helps prevent equipment breakdowns. When you hire a technician to perform an annual tuneup, he or she will be able to identify potential problems before they turn into expensive catastrophes.

Longer Equipment Life Span

HVAC equipment is built to last for many years, but that doesn’t mean it won’t need servicing during that time. In fact, regular servicing of your equipment will prolong its operational life span. The parts will run more smoothly because they’ll be cleared of debris and properly lubricated, thereby creating less strain over a long period of time.

The Equipment Is Safer to Operate

The DOE is always concerned about the safety of the equipment being used in homes and businesses. Regular system maintenance will prevent hazardous problems such as gas and carbon monoxide leaks. These types of issues can cause severe health complications and may even be life-threatening.

Lower Energy Usage and Cost

As most people might expect, the Department of Energy is very interested in lower energy usage. This is another reason why they’ve recognized regular HVAC maintenance as an essential tool. Having your equipment serviced each year will help it run much more efficiently. This means it will use less energy which, in turn, is better for the environment.

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