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Spending Your Tax Return On A Heat Pump: An Investment With A Payoff You’ll Like

When you need to upgrade your home’s cooling and heating system, consider an energy-efficient heat pump.  These systems are among the best suited to the hot, dry climate of Yuma. Heat pumps move heat from one place to another, removing it from your home in the summer and bringing it in during the winter.

Spending Your Tax Return On A Heat Pump: An Investment With A Payoff You'll Like  Other than the electricity to run them, heat pumps require no fuel, adding to their efficiency. These appliances, when maintained properly, can create three times the heat energy than the electricity they use, and often do a better job than air conditioners of removing the humidity from your home, important during the monsoon. These appliances carry ratings called SEER and HSPF, which indicate how efficiently they operate for cooling and heating, respectively. The minimum SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is 13, and the minimum HSPF, or heating season performance factor, is 7.7.

In Yuma, with its long cooling season, SEER is the number to keep track of for maximum energy efficiency. Heat pumps attain higher SEER numbers when they have one or more of these components:

Variable-speed motors. These use motors in the blower that usually run at slower speeds than standard single-speed motors. Not only do they use less electricity, they also run more quietly. Considering how many months we cool our homes, quieter operation makes your home easier to live in. The slower speed of a variable-speed motor also helps distribute the air more evenly, using all the conditioned air in the ducts for cooling and heating.

Two stage compressors. Two stage compressors are another improvement that really pays off. Two stage compressors are able to run at a reduced capacity level at times when demand is low. This enables the unit to run longer reducing the number of times the unit starts and stops. Starting and stopping the compressor shortens the life of the compressor and components and increases over all power consumption.

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