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Choosing Heat Pump Components That Promote Ultimate Home Comfort

Choosing heat pump components is a task that deserves time and careful consideration. Of course you want high performance, efficiency and enhanced comfort. However, you may also be thinking about initial expense, and the length of time before you see a return on investment.

The following heat pump components deliver all of the above, plus, with substantial energy savings and longer-lasting components, a nice return on investment:

  • Improved coil design is reflected in greater efficiency and longer-lasting, more durable construction.  Coil cabinets also have been redesigned with an integrated slide-out railing system for easier coil cleaning, which is necessary for peak performance. The cabinet insulation is 100 percent encased, allowing full access for a thorough cleaning. The two-way sloped drain pan prevents standing water, and is non-corrosive. All of these coil improvements provide for better indoor air quality, and maximized comfort and efficiency.

A two-stage compressor is a single compressor that adjusts refrigerant flow in real time to meet the cooling and heating demands of your home. A two-stage compressor enhances refrigerant’s natural properties of heat exchange for better performance.

  • A multistage fan motor adjusts airflow to quietly meet cooling and heating requirements. A multi-stage fan motor operates at slower speeds more often than the highest speed, which saves energy and results in less wear and tear on components.

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