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Three Red Flags HVAC System Shoppers Should Be Wary Of

If you’re considering servicing or replacing your HVAC system, pay attention to these red flags that might indicate you’re not dealing with the best contractor. Although all HVAC contractors must have licenses, insurance and bonding, some will take shortcuts when helping customers through the servicing and selection process. 

Be concerned if the contractor you’ve talked to presents any of these three situations:Three Red Flags HVAC System Shoppers Should Be Wary Of

  1. Unusually low price for a tune-up. You may or may not get complete servicing for your HVAC equipment if the price is low. Since it’s likely that your heating and cooling systems are the most expensive appliances you have in your home, it’s a good idea to not bite on those low price offers for annual service. If your heating system uses gas, it’s especially important to have a thorough inspection for your home and family’s safety.
  2. Sizing the new system based on your home’s square footage. When you’re shopping for a new HVAC system, be sure that the contractor performs a load calculation on your home using the Manual J manual and software. Going by the square footage in your home could result in a system that’s the wrong size. Systems that are improperly sized will cost you more to operate, reduce your comfort, and have a shorter operational life.
  3. Giving you a quote over the phone. Just as the auto repair shop won’t give you a quote without inspecting your vehicle first, neither should an HVAC contractor. Replacing HVAC equipment is one of the most complicated processes under your roof, and going forward without a thorough inspection of your home should raise a red flag.Chances are the equipment was in place when you moved into your home, and if you or any previous homeowner have improved the insulation, sealed air leaks or upgraded the windows, your current furnace, A/C or heat pump could be too large. A physical inspection will also turn up ductwork issues that need to be fixed for maximum efficiency from the new system.

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