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HVAC Terms You Must Know This Spring

Spring is a time of new beginnings, so why not learn some new HVAC terms? You’ll be able to talk knowledgeably about your cooling and heating systems and have a better idea of how to take care of them.

Air filters and cleaners: These devices help to remove allergens, contaminants, pollutants and other particles from your indoor air before it reaches your living spaces. There are various types of filters and cleaners available, with aHVAC Terms You Must Know This Spring wide range of efficiency levels and techniques for cleaning the air. Every forced-air heating and cooling system should have an air filter, while air cleaners (or purifiers) vary, and can either be stand-alone systems or be incorporated into your whole-house system.

Compressors: In air conditioners and heat pumps, compressors, similar to a human heart, are used to pressurize refrigerant and to pump it through the HVAC system. Compressors are part of the outdoor units of A/Cs and heat pumps.

Condenser coils: The coils in an air conditioner are where the hot compressed gas from the compressor condenses into a liquid before being pumped into the home (where cooling takes place). During the transition from gas to liquid, heat energy is expelled into the outside air with the help of a fan. In a heat pump, the indoor coil serves as the condensing coil during the heating mode.

Heat pumps: These appliances are similar to central air conditioners, in that they both use an outside unit (with a compressor and condenser) and an inside unit (with an evaporator and air handler), and rely on the heat-exchange properties of refrigerant. Heat pump units, however, provide both heating and cooling for the home. They do this by transferring heat energy between inside and outside, via the refrigerant.

SEER: The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the rating given to air conditioners and heat pumps indicating their cooling efficiency. The higher the rating the better; the Department of Energy’s minimum SEER rating for split-system A/Cs and heat pumps is 13. Energy Star rated units start at SEER 14.

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