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Check With NATE Before Hiring A Contractor

If you’ve seen the acronym NATE in connection with HVAC matters, it stands for North American Technician Excellence. It’s the main organization that certifies professionals in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration field (HVAC/R). It’s completely operated and maintained by industry professionals for the purpose of validating the skills and credentials of technicians in the business.

NATE Requirements and StandardsCheck With NATE Before Hiring A Contractor

Any technician can take the NATE certification test in HVAC fields, but to become certified, a technician must pass two tests. The first is a test on general knowledge, construction knowledge and specific knowledge of HVAC principles. The second is a specialty test that concentrates on either service or installation for a specific area within HVAC such as air conditioning, gas furnaces, heat pumps, refrigeration, etc.

Technicians who lack the requisite years of experience in the field have access to a comprehensive library of training materials and resources provided by NATE, so as to educate themselves about the industry and to prepare for certification tests. Most certifications are valid for two years, after which time technicians are required to re-certify themselves by taking NATE-sponsored continuing education programs.

Why Hire a NATE-Certified Technician?

When you hire a technician with NATE certification, you can be sure that he or she has demonstrated knowledge in the HVAC industry by passing stringent certification tests prepared by experts. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the person you hired has a combination of experience in the field, coupled with specific knowledge of installation and service.

In a survey taken by Contracting Business magazine, almost 90 percent of homeowners hiring technicians for HVAC projects preferred NATE-certified technicians, because of their guaranteed knowledge of the business and overall reliability. When you have such a project in mind, it just makes good sense to be secure about the professional doing the work.

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