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Your Ailing A/C: Repair vs. Replace

Replacing your air conditioner (A/C) if it breaks down this summer is an expensive proposition. Repairing it may be the more tempting option, but could cost you more in the long run. Consider these factors when deciding to repair or replace your A/C.

  1. How old is it? air conditioning systems aren’t meant to last forever. If you’ve taken good care of your system, theYour Ailing A/C: Repair vs. Replace typical lifespan is about 12-15 years. If yours breaks down near this mark, repairing it doesn’t make sense.

  2. Are breakdowns common? Repairing your A/C once in a while is expected, but repeated breakdowns – or more than once every year or two – is not normal. Not only will these issues cost a significant amount to fix, but it’s also inconvenient. If problems are rare, repair, but if they are commonplace, replace.

  3. How well it works. Consider how long it usually takes to cool down your home. If it takes too long, it’s likely due to poor A/C function and possible problems with ductwork. If you’ve noticed a significant decline since you installed the system, consider replacing your entire HVAC system for long-term benefits. If it’s a relatively new system, you’ll likely have warranty coverage.

  4. What it looks like. Common sense after a quick inspection often tells you if you should replace your A/C. Look for signs of deterioration such as corrosion or rust. If it’s in poor condition, prolonging its life with repairs doesn’t usually make sense.

  5. How much to repair it? Get an estimate of the repair cost. If something major went out such as the compressor, it may cost nearly as much to repair it as it would to buy a new system. On the other hand, there’s no sense replacing an A/C if something minor malfunctions.

  6. Energy usage trends. Take a look at your energy bills over time. As A/Cs age, their efficiency often declines. If you see that you’ve been wasting a lot of energy due to a lower efficiency, you may save more in the long run by upgrading to a high-efficiency unit.

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