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What Are Those A/C Noises? What Your Air Conditioner May be Trying to Tell You

It can be concerning when your air conditioner starts to make funny noises. The last thing anyone wants is to have a costly repair bill when the A/C breaks down. The problem that’s causing A/C noises may be easy to fix; try and identify the cause before calling a professional HVAC contractor for assistance.

 Troubleshooting A/C NoisesWhat Are Those A/C Noises? What Your Air Conditioner May be Trying to Tell You

  • The fan can be responsible for creating an unusual noise in an air conditioner if it’s dirty, loose, or if the fan blades touch the sides. Open the air conditioning cabinet and locate the fan. Clean away any debris from the area, and if the fan is loose, tighten it properly and straighten any blades that are not straight.
  • Loose screws may cause a rattling sound so check for and tighten any loose screws.
  • Motors in need of lubrication will emit a grinding or humming sound. If a motor is causing A/C noises, it’s important to contact your local HVAC professional for help.
  • Dirty coil fins can also make noise; you can clean the coil fins with a vacuum using a soft brush attachment.
  • A hissing noise from refrigerant lines or coils may signal a refrigerant leak. This is an issue for a professional to deal with.

If you are unable to identify the cause of the sound or if you’re not sure how to fix the problem, call an HVAC professional for help. Your air conditioner is an expensive investment and should be kept clean and maintained, with professional service at least yearly. Well-maintained air conditioners will operate at optimal efficiency and are less likely to malfunction on the hottest day of the year or any other time.

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