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Learn How to Properly Maintain Your Home’s Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an efficient source of heating and cooling, but they operate best and work most efficiently when well maintained. A well-maintained system can cost from 10 to 25 percent less to run than one that’s not.

What should you include in your heat pump maintenance regimen?Learn How to Properly Maintain Your Home's Heat Pump

Homeowner Maintenance

First and foremost, change the heat pump air filter often, just as you would for any forced air system. Filters should generally be changed every one-three months, depending on the quality of the filter used or the amount of dust, pet dander and other contaminants generated in the home. A clogged air filter can slow down airflow and damage the heat pump’s compressor, or at a minimum cost more to run.

If outdoor coils look dirty, clean them by spraying water through the coils with the power turned off. Also, remember to remove vegetation and leaves around your outdoor unit. Or you can use the soft attachment of the vacuum to clean the exterior of the coil fins, being careful not to bend them.

Indoors, supply and return vents should also be vacuumed. If vents are bent, straighten them. Always remember when performing maintenance, it’s a good idea to turn off the power in the disconnect switch box, as well as at the main panel, waiting a few minutes until any built-up electrical charge dissipates.

Expert Maintenance

In addition to your own maintenance checks, make an appointment with a pro and have him or her do the following:

  • Check thermostat
  • Inspect indoor coil, as well as the blower, filter and ducts
  • Check for leaking ducts, and fix them
  • Measure refrigerant charge, and adjust the charge if needed
  • Inspect belts for signs of wear, tightening and replacing them as needed
  • Clear the drain and clean the drain pan
  • Lubricate motors and bearings
  • Clean and tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect controls, ensuring that when heat is called, cooling is locked out and vice versa

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