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Why Is My A/C Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Why Is My A/C Tripping the Circuit Breaker?If you’re having problems with your A/C tripping the circuit breaker, you’re not alone. It’s a problem that’s actually quite common during the peak of the summer cooling season when your cooling system is working it’s hardest. Here are some common reasons why the circuit breaker might trip and stop your air conditioner from working.

The A/C Is Drawing More Current Than Usual

The designated circuit breaker for your A/C will automatically trip open if too much current flows through the circuit. This can happen on days when the A/C is working exceptionally hard to cool your home. There are plenty of reasons why your A/C could end up using more energy than usual, including:

  • Dirty air filter: A clogged air filter can restrict the amount of air flowing through your A/C, causing it to work harder than usual.
  • Dirty condenser or evaporator coils: The coils also need air to help transfer heat to and from the refrigerant. Dirty coils may cause the A/C to work harder than it needs to.
  • Low refrigerant: An A/C unit with a low refrigerant charge will use more energy than usual to cool your home.
  • Internal malfunction: A blown-out capacitor or some other shorted component within your air conditioner could trip the circuit breaker.

There’s a Problem With the Circuit Breaker Itself

It doesn’t happen often, but there could be a malfunction with the circuit breaker itself. If the circuit breaker is hot to the touch, or you see or smell signs of damage such as burnt or melted housing, you may need to have a qualified electrician replace the breaker.

It’s also possible for the circuit breaker wiring to come loose over time, especially as temperature changes cause the wiring to expand and contract. Don’t forget to have a technician take a look at this, too.

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