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How to Improve IAQ in Every Room of Your Home

How to Improve IAQ in Every Room of Your HomeAir pollutants can be found in any part of your home. Their effects on health can be experienced almost immediately or after a few years of repeated exposure. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to protect your family from them. Here’s how to improve IAQ in every room of your house.


You spend a significant amount of time in the bedroom each night, so reducing the allergen burden here is paramount. Use quality dust-mite-proof bedding covers, and wash sheets and blankets once a week in hot water. Install a high quality air filter that’s appropriate for your room size. Keep pets away from the bedroom.

Living Room

The living room has many potential risks that may be hidden from view. Reduce clutter to reduce hiding spots of dust and mites. Houseplants naturally improve indoor air quality; spread aquarium stones on the dirt to prevent mold from growing in the pots. If possible, convert a traditional fireplace to a natural gas fireplace.


Cooking generates moisture and carbon dioxide. Install an exhaust system that vents outside to clear out these pollutants. Wash dishes and kitchen surfaces daily to prevent microbial growth. Keep trash in a securely closed garbage can and empty it daily.

Bathroom and Laundry Room

The bathroom and laundry room are vulnerable to poor indoor air quality because of high moisture and cleaning products. Run the exhaust fan when cleaning with chemicals, drying clothes and taking a bath or shower. Replace wallpaper with tile or use mold-resistant paint on walls. Store household cleaning products according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


The basement can act as a gateway for toxins into your home. Conduct checks for leaks regularly. Install a dehumidifier and clean it once every week. Get rid of wet items stored in the basement. Install vinyl, linoleum or concrete flooring.

By taking the above steps to improve IAQ in every room, you’ll have ensured a healthy home environment for your family. For more information on indoor air quality, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve served the Yuma area since 1952.

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