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Troubleshooting Tips for Common Furnace Issues

Troubleshooting Tips for Common Furnace IssuesWhen you start your furnace for the first time at the beginning of heating season, you may run into some unexpected problems. Here are some troubleshooting tips you can use to diagnose and correct common furnace problems.

  • Furnace has no power: Make sure the furnace is connected to an electrical power source and that the on/off switch on the furnace itself is turned to “on.” Take a look at the main circuit breaker box and see if the breaker controlling the furnace has tripped. Reset the breaker and try to turn on the furnace again. If the breaker continues to trip, call your HVAC pro for assistance. There could be a serious problem in your furnace’s electrical system.
  • Furnace won’t turn on: Check the pilot light to make sure it’s lit. If not, re-light the pilot if you are comfortable with the procedure. Otherwise, call your HVAC specialist to restore the pilot light. Make sure the programmable thermostat controlling the furnace is in working order and that the thermostat is on, set to “heating,” and is set at an appropriate temperature. Change the batteries if necessary. Shift the temperature settings up a few degrees to see if that makes the furnace kick on. Check the fuel supplies (local utility connections for gas and an on-site storage tank for oil) to make sure fuel is available and is getting to the furnace.
  • Furnace produces no warm air: Open the furnace’s access door and check the air filter. A dirty, clogged filter can restrict airflow from the system and keep warm air from getting to your indoor spaces. Ensure the supply vents are not covered or blocked with furniture, boxes, clothing, or other objects that could prevent air from exiting the vent.

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