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HVAC Myths That Will Cost You Money

HVAC Myths That Will Cost You MoneyYou already spend enough trying to stay cool in the hot Yuma summers, so the last thing you need is confusion about your HVAC system costing you more money. Getting the facts about some common HVAC myths will help you save.

Myth: Using the same thermostat temperature all the time saves energy.
Fact: It’s one of the most common HVAC myths, but air conditioners don’t use more energy to cool down a hot house than to maintain a cool temperature all day. Every degree you set your A/C thermostat above 78 degrees for an 8-hour period can save you around 8 percent on your cooling bill. On milder days, you can turn it off completely. The same principle applies to heating with your furnace.

Myth: A thermostat can go anywhere.
Fact: Placing your thermostat in direct sunlight or near a warm appliance will cause it to over-cool your house. Putting in near a drafty window or door will cause it to overheat your house in winter. In both cases, you’ll waste energy.

Myth: All HVAC systems do the same thing, so get the cheapest.
Fact: More advanced air conditioners and heating equipment have features cheaper models lack. For example, a system with a variable-speed motor provides more even, consistent temperatures and better humidity control.

Myth: Any technician can install a new HVAC system.
Fact: Correct installation is critical to your system’s ability to reach its maximum energy efficiency. Sizing is an important step in the installation process, and incorrectly sized equipment is a major cause of efficiency loss. Refrigerant or airflow levels that are even slightly too high or too low also cause efficiency loss. Not all HVAC technicians are knowledgeable enough to get the details right.

Myth: A maintenance agreement is a waste of money.
Fact: If your system’s been working flawlessly for years, this one might seem logical. In reality, though, your A/C and furnace should be inspected annually to keep them efficient and head off future problems. A maintenance agreement will save you money on these routine inspections as well as on repairs if something goes wrong.

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