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These Little Changes Could Mean Big Savings

These Little Changes Could Mean Big SavingsConsidering the nonstop heat of a Yuma summer, even small changes can have a positive affect on your cooling bills and indoor comfort. Maintaining your HVAC system and altering your cooking and laundry habits may be all you need to trim your cooling costs.

Be Pro-Active with your HVAC System

  • Have it serviced for the cooling season. The HVAC technician will thoroughly clean and adjust all its parts, check the refrigerant level, and make sure the condensation drains freely.
  • Ask your HVAC contractor to test your system’s ductwork for leaks. Even small leaks can drive up your cooling bills. The technicians use materials that will permanently seal the leaks, which promotes cleaner air and energy efficiency year-round.
  • Change the air filter when it gets dirty, and make a point to check it monthly. Your air conditioner or heat pump runs frequently and a lot of your home’s air passes through it. If you have pets or carpeting, check it more often, since both create a lot of airborne particulates.
  • Keep an eye on the outdoor condenser throughout the summer. Removing the dead vegetation that collects around it is one of the best small changes to promote better cooling throughout the summer, as is hosing off the coils after a dust storm.

Stay on Top of Heat-Producing Activities

  • Washing clothes doesn’t produce heat, but drying them will. If it’s permissible in your neighborhood, dry heavy towels and jeans outdoors, or do laundry in the early morning or late evening.
  • Use the kitchen and bathroom fans to remove warm and humid air after cooking and bathing, but don’t leave them on too long. These fans may be small, but they’ll pull a lot of cooled air outside.

Small changes to your home and habits add up to dependable savings for high summertime energy bills. To learn more about curbing cooling costs, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve provided trusted HVAC services for Yuma homeowners since 1950.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Yuma, Arizona about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about money savings and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Guide or call us at 928-723-3183.

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