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Signs That Your A/C System is on Its Last Leg

Signs That Your A/C System is on Its Last LegYour air conditioner is built to last a long time, but all appliances have their limits, and one day, it’ll be time for a replacement. So how does a homeowner tell when an A/C system is ready to go? Not surprisingly, there are some signs.

Here are a few to look out for:


When your air conditioner reaches the age between 10 and 15, don’t be surprised if you start needing to repair things beyond regular maintenance. You may be able to push it along as much as 20 years — these appliances are built to be durable — but that may not be wise. As an HVAC system ages beyond its regular lifespan, it may become less efficient and you’ll start losing money on your utility bills. Also, an older unit won’t have the latest technology designed to make your system more efficient.


If your A/C develops a leak and has to have a refrigerant fill, you can get the leak fixed and go on paying ever more for ever diminishing supplies of R-22 refrigerant, or just replace the A/C now. R-22-using air conditioners are no longer being manufactured, as R-22 refrigerant is being phased out due to the damage it causes to the ozone. Supplies are dwindling and as a result, costs are soaring. It may be time to replace your A/C with a model that uses a newer type of refrigerant.

Repair Costs Are Mounting

Does it seem as if every time you turn around, you’re having to repair something on your air conditioner? We can’t really afford that down time in Yuma when the weather heats up, and you probably can’t afford a series of costly repair bills. Maybe it’s time to shop for a replacement.

Utility Costs Are Rising

If your utility costs just keep going up, it may be that your A/C has become inefficient over the years, and has to work harder to cool your home. A replacement should provide you much greater efficiency.

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