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Best Tiny Homes HVAC Design

Best Tiny Homes HVAC DesignAs tiny homes become more and more popular in communities across the country, it also becomes more important to understand how to properly heat and cool these very small structures. The following information gives some brief insight into tiny homes and what is needed to keep them comfortable in all seasons.

Why Tiny?

Tiny homes are popular because they provide an extremely streamlined living environment that is economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly. These dwellings are typically no larger than 500 square feet, with many being between 120 and 200 square feet. They offer the ability to downsize an individual’s or couple’s lifestyle while maintaining all the normal amenities. Tiny homes are easy to move from place to place for those who prefer a more mobile lifestyle.

Tiny Home HVAC

Since tiny homes are too small to accommodate full-size HVAC equipment, the best choice for heating and cooling them is a ductless mini-split system. Mini-splits consist of an outdoor heat pump unit connected to several indoor air handlers that distribute heated or cooled air. These air handling units can be placed anywhere within the structure, often attached to a wall or suspended from the ceiling. The outdoor unit is kept in the same area as the home’s solar batteries and backup generator.

Factors that Affect Tiny Home HVAC

  • Insulation: HVAC effectiveness and efficiency, as well as indoor comfort, will be improved if the tiny home is well insulated. Be sure to put plenty of insulation in the structure’s walls, ceiling, and floor. Even though tiny homes are smaller and more efficient spaces, the lack of insulation will still lead to energy loss and decreased indoor comfort.
  • Windows: The homes windows should be thoroughly sealed to prevent air leaks. You could also apply energy-saving window treatments that help maintain indoor temperatures by blocking sunlight and stopping heat gain.

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