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How to Safeguard Your HVAC from Pests

How to Safeguard Your HVAC from PestsHome pests find a lot to like about certain houses. As a matter of fact, the home HVAC system may be one of the features that attracts vermin and other creepy crawlers. System components can provide an entrance into the house, as well as a means to breed and spread. In addition, daily functioning of the air conditioner may supply a critical ingredient—moisture—that attracts and sustains home pests.

Here are some ways to safeguard your HVAC system against unwanted visitors.

Inspect the ducts.

HVAC ductwork is frequently routed through unconditioned zones of the house like the crawl space and attic. These areas often harbor insects and other pests that may infiltrate ducts through loose joints and deteriorated segments. Once inside, pests can breed and migrate throughout the house. A qualified HVAC contractor can inspect ductwork for deterioration and offer sealing options to keep pests out. Intact ductwork also supports improved system performance and lower operating costs.

Eliminate sources of moisture.

Water attracts pests and causes them to multiply faster. The condensation drip pan under the air conditioner’s indoor air handler is usually wet when the A/C is operating. However, moisture should evaporate when the system’s off. Take a look under the air handler with a flashlight. If you can see standing water accumulating inside the pan, the drain line may be clogged or sluggish. Schedule a service call to get the drain system checked.

Control humidity.

Pest populations thrive in humid environments. Certain air conditioner dysfunctions can increase indoor humidity and spawn insect and vermin activity. An A/C that is short cycling—turning on and off too quickly, with “on” cycles lasting less than 10 minutes—may not extract humidity efficiently and indoor levels may be chronically high. A low refrigerant charge caused by a leak, as well as an indoor evaporator coil coated with dust, also inhibit humidity extraction, causing an overly moist indoor environment that supports pests. Cycling, refrigerant and coil issues require professional troubleshooting and repair.

Ask the experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company for more about protecting your HVAC system from home pests.

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