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The Three Most Important Jobs of a Refrigeration Unit

The modern refrigerator changed the way we store food forever. It may be one of the most useful appliances we have. Still, we tend to take the refrigeration jobs these units do for granted. How do they work, and what do they do? Here are the three most important refrigeration jobs for any cooling unit.

1. Producing Cold Air

This may seem obvious, but when it comes to refrigeration jobs, the most important is to keep things cold. The FDA recommends that the internal temperature of a refrigerator be kept below 40 degrees at all times. Anything above that fosters bacterial growth. Ideally, your refrigerator temperature should be between 35 and 38 degrees.

The way a refrigerator works is similar to an HVAC system. A lowering of air pressure changes refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. This makes the area around it very cold, and the cold air is used to cool your food.

2. Keeping Warm Air Out

If warm air is allowed to enter the unit, it raises its internal temperature. The refrigerator then has to work harder to keep things below 40 degrees, cycling on and off more often, using more electricity, raising your energy bill, and wearing out your refrigerator sooner.

That’s why refrigerator doors are equipped with gaskets around the edges to help them perform another of their refrigeration jobs. The gaskets contain magnets, which form a seal between the door and the refrigerator, to help keep it closed and ensure that cold air stays in and warm air stays out.

3. Regulating Moisture

As your refrigerator cools, it lowers humidity, which is a side effect of another of its refrigeration jobs. If moisture gets too high, it fosters mold growth. However, some foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, prefer higher moisture levels. This is where the crisper drawers come in. They create areas of higher humidity, where you can keep produce fresh without it affecting the rest of the unit.

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