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Is It Possible to Have a Walk In Refrigerator for Home?

You go to a restaurant and happen to get a glimpse of their kitchen. Way in the back is their refrigerator: a beautiful unit that you can walk right into, browse for whatever items you want, and walk out. Is it possible to buy a walk in refrigerator for home use? Is it a good idea? Here are some of the benefits of having your own walk in refrigerator for home.

Walk In Refrigerator Popularity

Having a walk in refrigerator for home is becoming a trend. Many people renovating their homes are choosing to upgrade to walk-in models. The units are significantly bigger than your typical refrigerator, which is good news for anyone who’s ever struggled to find room on the shelf for a case of soda or a brisket.

Many larger families find themselves needing extra refrigeration room, and a walk-in unit is a great way to address that. Professional installation is a surprisingly low-hassle affair, and they can be made to integrate perfectly into your existing kitchen decor.

Benefits of a Walk in Refrigerator for Home

The main benefit of a walk in refrigerator for home is extra space. However, there are other perks as well. For instance, they’re very energy-efficient. Since it’s professional, industrial-grade equipment, the inner workings are much higher quality than what you typically see in home models.

Due to their size, they’ll still use more energy than a standard refrigerator. However, if you’re debating between replacing your fridge with a walk-in or supplementing it with an additional standard-size refrigerator, the walk-in is the more efficient option. If you want to lower its energy usage, you can install insulation and put up walk-in curtains to keep the cold air in.

Walk-ins are also very easy to maintain. They’re sturdier and more durable than a regular fridge, and they’re often made of stainless steel rather than aluminum, like regular refrigerators are, so they won’t break easily. Aside from basic cleaning, they only require an annual maintenance visit, which can be performed at the same time as your usual HVAC checkup.

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