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When New Ductwork Is Needed for Your Home HVAC System

The air ducts in your Yuma-area home are the lungs of your HVAC system. While your AC and heater produce the conditioned air, it’s the ductwork that conveys the conditioned air to the living spaces. So, if you’ve been questioning whether your AC or heating system is performing as it should be due to uneven temperatures, strange noises, or high energy bills, it may be time to consider the possibility that new ductwork is in order. Keep reading to learn what to look out for.

Unusual Ductwork Noises

While ductwork systems are made up of stationary tubes, vents, registers, and other components, they do undergo a substantial amount of airflow-created stress called static pressure. This intense and constant pressure on the ducts when the AC and heater are running can cause joints to loosen and separate, which can be identified by rattling and clamoring noises. If this is the case, your ducts should be inspected by your HVAC pro to see if a repair will do or if you need new ductwork.

Rising Energy Bills

Many folks don’t realize just how important a new ductwork system is to HVAC efficiency and energy consumption. Old ducts in unconditioned spaces that weren’t properly insulated are losing a lot of heat energy through thin duct walls. Duct air leaks, holes, and damaged ducts increase the load on your AC and heating systems, which raise energy bills. If your cooling and heating bills are higher than they should be, new ductwork could save you a lot of money on energy bills.

Unbalanced Heating and Cooling

One important attribute of a well-designed and well-installed ductwork system is balanced airflow to the rooms of your home. If you notice that some rooms receive more or less air pressure from the supply vents than other rooms, or if temperatures are out of balance room to room, it may likely be that your ducts weren’t sized and installed correctly. A new ductwork system sized and installed by a reputable HVAC pro can fix this issue.

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