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Make Sure You Have Energy Efficient AC Motors in Your Home

There are many different factors that contribute to your AC’s efficiency, from thermostat settings to air filters. One of the most important elements, though, is the motor. Energy efficient AC motors will not only lower your energy bills, they will also reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s what you need to know about energy efficient AC motors.

The Importance of Energy Efficient AC Motors

The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that around half of all electricity consumed in this country comes from motors of one kind or another. Furthermore, your HVAC system is by far the biggest consumer of energy in your home. Therefore, the more energy efficient AC motors are, the less energy households will use.

How efficient is your motor currently? It depends on a number of factors, but one of the most integral is when you bought your system. In 2015, the DOE enacted new motor-efficiency standards, so if your unit was made before 2015, there’s likely room for improvement. Additionally, motors degrade over time and lose efficiency, particularly if they’re not properly maintained. Therefore, the older your system is, the less efficient the motor is likely to be.

Finding Energy Efficient AC Motors

In some cases, replacing just the motor on your AC can help you save energy without the expense of a whole new system. The best way to see if a new motor is right for you is to talk to your HVAC technician. They can tell you the energy output of your current AC motor. Does the amount of cooling it produces for that amount of energy match the SEER rating from when you bought it?

If a new motor is warranted, your technician can also help you find the best one; a unit that not only fits your unit but which is Energy Star rated, so it will work as efficiently as possible without sacrificing comfort. Together, you and your technician can get your AC running at peak efficiency again with a motor that works for you.

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