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Fall IAQ Concerns: Pumpkins, Candles, and Much More

What a fabulous time fall is. Not only does the temperature drop a bit, but celebrating Halloween, Fall Harvest, and Day of the Dead is exciting and fun. Time for a fall wreath, autumn-scented candles, Halloween decorations, and much more. But along with this festive atmosphere, there are some issues to be aware of, and one is fall IAQ concerns.

IAQ, which stands for indoor air quality, should be the concern of every homeowner. Government studies have shown that most homes are more polluted than the outdoors because of airtight construction. Furthermore, in a place like Yuma, we keep the air conditioner on a good part of the year, so the pollutants are trapped indoors, compounding the problem.

Regarding fall IAQ concerns, what should you do so that you can maintain healthful air while enjoying autumn candles and fall scents in your home? Read on and learn.

Fall IAQ Concerns

  1. Poor IAQ is of primary concern to the very young and the elderly, as well as people with respiratory illnesses. One of the best ways to improve IAQ for the sake of these individuals is to keep doors and windows shut, to ensure outdoor pollution — most recently, the smoke wafting this way from wildfires — stays out. This means avoiding the use of fans in windows to try to circulate air. It’s better to close windows and use ceiling fans and table or floor fans for air circulation.
  2. Keep a clean air filter in your HVAC units. A quality pleated air filter will do a much better job of cleaning the home’s air. Cheap filters don’t trap pollutants at all. Change the filter often. If you have a permanent filter, wash it as needed.
  3. Limit the use of scented candles. You can burn one now and then, but not too often, particularly if your home’s occupants have respiratory concerns.
  4. Talk to your HVAC consultant about installing a ventilation system. Discuss installing an exhaust, balanced, supply, or heat-recovery system.
  5. Run a portable air cleaner.

For more on fall IAQ concerns, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.