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Learn All There Is to Know About the Best Attic Fans

In Yuma’s hot climate, your attic’s temperature can reach 150 degrees and lead to significant moisture buildup. Your stored belongings, roof, and overall home structure can be compromised as a result. The best attic fan will effectively ventilate your attic. Listed below are some of the best attic fans available.

QuietCool Smart Attic Fan

Energy efficiency, power, hassle-free installation, and ease of use make this attic fan one of the best attic fans that you can get at the moment. It runs at varying speeds depending on the humidity and temperature in your attic, making it a good energy saver. The built-in mounting tabs make for easy installation. With the fan’s smart app, you’ll always have great control over the unit.

iLIVING 772 CFM Shutter Exhaust Fan

If you are on a tight budget and want the best cheap attic fan, this unit will be an excellent choice. This budget-friendly fan can provide efficient ventilation for an attic space of up to 1,200 square feet. It has both a single-speed and variable-speed model. The enclosed motor of this fan is permanently lubricated and thermally protected.

Air Vent 18-Inch Diameter Gable Vent Fan

Like other gable vents, this fan is installed on your attic’s exterior wall. It’s more energy efficient and quieter than comparable units. Its airflow capacity is 1,320 cubic feet per minute (CFM), and it can ventilate attics of up to 1,900 square feet.

iLIVING HYBRID Solar Roof Exhaust Fan

Among the available solar options, this iLIVING attic fan stands out. It has a controllable thermostat, which is unlike other typical solar models. The wattage that the positionable panel can generate is enough to move air at 1,750 CFM, which is more than adequate for the average attic.

As you choose your best attic fan, remember to consider the size of your attic space and how you want the unit to be mounted and powered. For all your home-comfort needs in the Yuma area, contact the award-winning professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.