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Do You Know Whether Monthly Home Filter Changes Are Needed?

home filter changesYou often hear the recommendation that you should change your air filter every month. But are monthly home filter changes necessary?  The answer: It depends.

Monthly Home Filter Changes

Under certain conditions, a monthly air-filter change is recommended. Do you use an inexpensive fiberglass filter? These types do a minimal job trapping larger dirt particles and keeping them out of the HVAC system, but they do get dirty fast and need to be changed monthly.

While they do nothing for your indoor air quality, fiberglass filters do at least trap some dirt and dust. It may also be that your HVAC system won’t handle a denser filter; that is, a dense filter might slow down the airflow too much and affect the performance of your unit. This could be the case with an older system in particular.

Upgrading to Denser Filters

For those concerned with good air quality, moving up to a dense, pleated air filter is the way to go with home filter changes. These air filters trap much smaller particles than the fiberglass types. What’s more, they usually don’t need to be changed more than every three months. Even though these better-quality filters cost more, you can get your money’s worth by not having to change filters so often.

One way to ensure that the filters last longer is to try to keep the air in your home cleaner. You can do that by refraining from burning candles or incense. If you do burn candles, make sure you use either soy or beeswax; candles made of wax, a petroleum product, will dirty up your air filters fast.

Choosing the Right Air Filter

When you’re shopping for air filters, you will see that they’re rated according to efficiency. The standard rating scale is known as MERV, meaning minimum efficiency reporting value. The higher the filter is rated on the MERV scale, the more efficient it is. For the typical home, it’s best to choose a filter with a MERV rating between 8 and 12.

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