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The HVAC Science Behind Heating and Cooling Your Home

HVAC scienceOn a scorching Yuma day, it’s certainly important for your central AC system to keep your home cool. As long as your AC keeps humming along, you may not be too concerned with the science behind how the HVAC system does what it does. However, when your energy bills start climbing higher or your AC falters or breaks down completely, then you may wonder what could possibly be wrong and how it can be fixed. Read on to take a peek under the hood of your central AC, so to speak, and see how your AC uses HVAC science to keep your home comfortable.

The HVAC Science of Heat Transfer

A central AC system is engineered to utilize the natural properties of heat movement. Science says that heat transfers from a warmer object to a cooler object. So, modern AC systems manipulate refrigerant with pressure changes to become extremely cold. In doing so, the heat energy in the air in your home, for example, is transferred to the cold refrigerant. Thereby, your home is cooled to your liking. Here are the basics:

  • A powerful blower inside the air handler pulls warm indoor air through return ductwork.
  • The warm air passes across an evaporator coil that contains the cold refrigerant.
  • Heat in the warm airflow transfers to the much colder refrigerant (i.e., the natural movement of heat energy).
  • The airflow, now cooled, is blown through supply ductwork to the rooms of your home.
  • When the indoor airflow has been cooled to the thermostat setting, the central AC system turns off.

Utilize AC Science to Your Benefit

By familiarizing yourself with the preceding HVAC science basics, you can save money. That’s important! Be sure to schedule professional maintenance with your HVAC contractor once a year to help your HVAC system last longer with fewer repairs.

The certified HVAC technicians at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company are quite savvy with HVAC science and making certain your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency. When you need cooling or heating maintenance, repair, or installation, you can count on us.