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Thermostat Communication and Your HVAC Unit: How It Works

thermostat communicationIn Yuma’s hot climate, a thermostat that helps your HVAC system run more efficiently is a valuable asset. Understanding how thermostat communication keeps your system efficient can help you decide what kind of thermostat is right for you.

Thermostat Communication Methods

Traditional electromechanical thermostats can only tell your system when to turn on or off by creating or breaking an electrical circuit. These models are durable and easy to use, but they give you little control over your heating and cooling. Wi-Fi thermostats give you more control by letting you adjust your system through an app even when you’re away.

Communicating thermostats, however, go a step beyond. These models “talk” back and forth with the components of your heating and cooling system by pairing in a way that’s similar to Bluetooth devices. By monitoring the temperature and humidity levels and taking input from your system, they can adjust your system’s operation to maximize your comfort while minimizing energy use. They’re sometimes used with two-stage systems and always used with variable-capacity systems. Although most communicating thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled, not all are “smart” thermostats. Smart thermostats collect data they use to build algorithms for more efficient performance.

The Pros and Cons of Thermostat Communication

Communicating thermostats can manage your system even more precisely than some smart thermostats. When a maintenance issue pops up, the data the thermostat collects makes it easier for a technician to diagnose the problem. Your system will often run more quietly because it will only run at maximum capacity when absolutely necessary.

On the down side, these thermostats cost more upfront than simpler models and take an average of 10 years to pay off in energy savings. Repairs are more costly, and not every technician knows how to work with these thermostats. Each model works only with an HVAC system of the same brand, so if you want to upgrade to a system of a different brand, you’ll need a new thermostat.

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