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Want Efficient HVAC? Know About Electric vs. Heat Pump.

Efficient HVACWhen you’re trying to choose a new HVAC system to replace your old heating and cooling units, you’re certainly faced with many FAQs and difficult decisions to make. The basic decisions revolve around installing an efficient HVAC system that optimizes home comfort. You certainly want to stay on point with your budget as well. So, where do you start? What follows are some practical tips to answer questions you may have and for choosing the most reliable and efficient heating and cooling units that fulfill your needs.

Electric-Resistance Heating

Electric-resistance heating comes in many packages. Old resistance-heating systems consisted of ceil heat, which is electric-resistance strands in the ceiling. You have baseboard heating that can be adjusted in each room. Then you have an electric furnace that utilizes the same ductwork as a central AC system, but it’s about as energy efficient as a gigantic toaster (in other words, not very efficient!). With progress in modern HVAC equipment, there are better options than electric-resistance heating.

Heat Pumps: Efficient HVAC Heating and Cooling

Central air heat-pump systems offer unique advantages to other heating and cooling systems. For one, heat pumps provide efficient heating for Yuma-area homeowners, and heat pumps also provide home cooling all in one convenient and efficient package. It’s easier to maintain one efficient HVAC system than two separate units.

As far as energy source, heat pumps operate on 100% electricity, as do electric furnaces. However, heat pumps use electricity more efficiently. That is to say, heat pumps manipulate refrigerant with pressure changes to heat and cool your home using the natural movement of heat energy, which is from a warmer to a cooler location.

Additionally, as opposed to electric furnaces, forced-air heat pumps give you the option of choosing variable-speed air conditioning, gas-burning furnace-hybrid add-on, and Wi-Fi-enabled remote controls for maximum comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience at your fingertips.

To choose the best and most efficient HVAC system for your home, work with a good HVAC contractor. Please contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company for all your HVAC needs.