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Find Out What You Should Look for in a Reliable HVAC Technician

reliable HVAC technicianIf you’re looking to hire an HVAC consultant, the main thing you’ll want to know is the level of training the company’s technicians have received, as well as the company’s reputation for reliability. Fortunately, there are some standard questions you can ask when looking for a reliable HVAC technician.

  1. Get recommendations.
    Friends, family and neighbors will be happy to give you recommendations for the HVAC companies they use. Avail yourself of these recommendations, and call up the companies — at least three — for interviews. Check out their websites and look at promotions.
  2. Visit online services to evaluate your prospective HVAC companies.
    Consult Yelp, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau to see what other customers say about your prospective HVAC companies. Also look on the companies’ Facebook pages. Be aware that there may be a preponderance of good reviews on these sites, so take the comments with a grain of salt. Ditto with the negative reviews, as some commenters may have an ax to grind.
  3. Ask the HVAC company for recommendations from former customers.
    When you call up the company, ask for customer recommendation and call up the customers. Some questions you can ask are: a. Did the technician fix the problem? b. Was the job done in a reasonable time frame? c. Did the HVAC technician give you a fairly accurate estimate of costs? d. Did the technician explain the problem adequately? e. Was the technician knowledgeable? f. Was the technician neatly dressed and did he make a good impression?
  4. Ask about the quality of training each company’s techs receive.
    When you interview potential HVAC companies, do ask about the potential cost of a job, how long it may take to finish it and how extensive the disruption will be to your household. But also ask about the training of the company’s technicians. Are they certified in HVAC repair and installation? HVAC techs in Arizona cannot work in the industry without a license in HVAC.

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