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The Crucial Role Fans Play in Achieving Cooling Savings

Cooling SavingsHere in Yuma, most of the year is air-conditioning season. As a result, it pays to look for ways to achieve cooling savings. One of the easiest ways to enjoy savings on your summertime cooling without sacrificing home comfort is by using ceiling fans.

How Ceiling Fans Provide Cooling Savings

Ceiling fans move air, resulting in a windchill effect on the skin. The air that rushes across your skin feels cooler than the actual temperature. Therefore, running a ceiling fan allows you to turn the thermostat to a higher setting and still feel cool.

Ceiling fans allow you and your family to raise the thermostat by about four degrees without compromising on your comfort if properly installed. A higher thermostat setting makes your air conditioner run less frequently and consume less energy, saving you money.

Ceiling Fan Installation and Usage Tips

Proper installation and use of ceiling fans are crucial to achieving cooling savings. Follow the tips below to save on your energy bills.

  • Energy Star Certification. Purchase Energy Star-qualified ceiling fans. Fans that have been approved by the federal Energy Star program move air up to 20% more efficiently than those without the Energy Star label.
  • Correct placement. Install a fan in each room that requires cooling and ensure the blades are at least 8 inches from the ceiling and 9 feet or less above the floor.
  • Manufacturer instructions. A ceiling fan will work effectively if it’s installed with the correct mounting and electrical equipment. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing ceiling fans.
  • Counterclockwise blade rotation. The windchill is created when a ceiling fan spins counterclockwise. Set your fans to run counterclockwise.
  • Turning off fans when leaving. Ceiling fans cool people rather than rooms. Therefore, you should operate them only when there are people in the room. Turn off your fans when leaving a room.

With proper ceiling-fan installation and use, you’ll maximize your energy savings. For more ways to maximize cooling savings, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. Residents in the Yuma area have counted on us for solutions to make their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient for 70 years.