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How to Know If You Have Healthy Air Inside Your Home

Healthy AirIndoor air quality is important to your health. A variety of contaminants can exacerbate allergies and asthma, as well as cause illness or even death. It’s important to monitor these contaminants in order to maintain healthy air. Here are the factors to be aware of.

  • General air quality. An indoor air-quality monitor can detect pollutants in your home’s air, including dust and harmful chemicals, as well as humidity. Depending on the model and quality, it may also be able to detect some of the other contaminants mentioned below. It then provides an overview of your air’s health, either on the device or as a report sent to your phone as to whether you have healthy air in your home.
  • Mold. Home tests can show if your house has mold, but they don’t work well. You’re better off scheduling a professional test with your HVAC technician. They’ll compare mold levels in your home to levels in the air outside to see if it falls within safe and acceptable parameters.
  • Radon. A byproduct of the breakdown of uranium in the soil, radiation from radon gas can cause long-term health issues, including lung cancer. In Arizona, the risk of radon is fairly low, but periodic testing is still recommended. Test kits monitor your home’s air for a given period of time (anywhere from a few days to a few months). They’re then sent to a lab for analysis to determine if unsafe levels of radon are present.
  • Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can come from a variety of sources, including gas furnaces, gas stoves, gas dryers, and more. That’s why a CO detector is essential for any home to make sure you have not only healthy air but safe air that won’t make you sick (or worse). The best models are hard-lined into your electrical system, so you don’t have to worry about dying batteries. If CO is detected, they sound an alarm. They’re inexpensive, so it’s best to have several, particularly near bedrooms, to ensure thorough coverage. If CO gas is detected, get out of the house immediately and call 911.

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