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Learn All the Latest in AC Technology for Your Home

AC TechnologyYou may have a tried-and-trusty air conditioner that has served you well for a decade or more. But if you think your AC is coming to the end of its life and it might be time to look into a replacement, you’ll likely be amazed to find out about the innovations in AC technology that are being developed and which will be coming in the future.

Some of the AC technology is just now being used in industrial or government settings and may be a while getting into residential homes, but rest assured that one day you’ll find some of these wonders available for your home. Have a look at what’s being inspired by advances in energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

  1. Advanced Heat Exchanger with Fewer Joints. Today’s air conditioners leak a considerable amount of refrigerant, which wastes money, causes ACs to work harder and damages the atmosphere. A new serpentine heat exchanger with 90% fewer joints reduces leaks by 90% and thus will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and inefficiency.
  2. Combined Water Heater/Dehumidifier/Air Conditioner. This AC technology will offer enhanced dehumidification control while using energy for water heating. The water can be pushed into the dried air and will cool through the evaporative process.
  3. Improved Heat Pump. Work is under way to create a solid-state heat pump that doesn’t need refrigerant. It will be much more efficient and will be smaller and quieter than current heat pumps.
  4. Membrane-Based Rooftop Air Conditioner. This AC will use water as a refrigerant instead of the chemicals we now use. It could save as much as 50% of energy use compared to other rooftop models.
  5. Energy Storage System. This system would integrate with an HVAC unit to reduce energy requirements by using waste heat that is typically lost in traditional systems.

Also coming up in the world of AC innovations are ice-powered air conditioning, digital ceilings, solar-powered ACs, and 3D-printed air conditioners.

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