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How to Tell Whether Your Home Has Solid Insulation

Solid InsulationDid you know that insulation impacts the average home’s comfort and energy use up to three times more than doors or windows do? Unfortunately, more than 90% of U.S. homes are underinsulated, thus missing out on the benefits of proper, solid insulation. The signs below help you know whether your house has solid insulation.

Even Temperatures

A well-insulated home has even temperatures in all its rooms. If you have some rooms that are well ventilated but inexplicably hotter or colder than the others, that’s likely due to poor insulation.

More Consistent Energy Bills

Without adequate, solid insulation, the cooled or heated air from your HVAC system escapes through the attic and walls. As a result, your HVAC units work overtime to maintain comfortable temperatures.

The blown-in insulation in walls and attics settles over time, reducing its ability to insulate your home properly. If there have been large increases in your energy bills in recent years, the blown-in insulation in your walls and attic may have settled, so you’ll need to add to it or replace it.

No Water Leaks

Water has a harder time getting into a well-insulated home than a poorly insulated one. Well-distributed insulation helps protect your home from water leaks. If you spot water leaks around windows or in the attic, you may have insulation issues.

Pest-Free Home

Good insulation helps stop rodents and insects from entering your home. If your home has a significant number of pests, it isn’t well insulated. Adding insulation helps protect your house against vermin invasions.

Solid insulation allows you to enjoy more consistent temperatures, lower energy bills, and fewer issues with insects and rodents. Having a contractor perform an energy audit will help you find the areas of your home that are wasting energy. For more information on insulating your home, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve helped Yuma-area homeowners with their HVAC and energy-efficiency needs since 1952.