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What Is the Very Latest in HVAC Cooling Technology?

Cooling TechnologyKeeping cool in the hot, Arizona summer is no easy feat. Keeping cool while reducing energy usage and minimizing your carbon footprint is even more difficult. Fortunately, science is working to make things easier. Here’s a glimpse at some of the latest home-cooling technology and how it can help you.


Your AC and heat pump both use chemical refrigerants to cool the air. The harmful R-22 refrigerant has been phased out, but replacements such as R-410a still aren’t ideal for the environment, particularly when they leak.

One solution is an optimized thermal system. Since most refrigerant leaks come through the joints of the heat exchanger, this model uses far fewer joints to improve heat transfer and reduce the risk of leaks.

However, some researchers are working to eliminate the need for liquid coolants entirely. A solid-state heat pump would transfer heat using electrical energy rather than chemical refrigerants. In addition to eliminating coolant, it would also run more reliably than most current systems and use far less energy.

Evaporative Cooling Technology

Evaporative cooling, or swamp cooling, is nothing new. The principles of this cooling technology have been used since ancient Egypt. It cools efficiently, but the moisture involved can raise humidity levels in your home, which can then lead to mold, mildew, and other problems.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling systems can help in this regard. They separate the evaporated water from the cooled air before it’s circulated through your home. These IECs are effective, but they’re also difficult and expensive to manufacture.

However, a team at Harvard has a solution. They’re working to create an IEC heat exchanger made of ceramic, which allows them to manufacture complex components more efficiently.

The absorbent ceramic heat exchanger is then coated with a hydrophobic substance that repels water. This allows the evaporated water to be isolated from the dry, cooled air. The result is better humidity control and a system that uses 75% less energy than a standard air conditioner.

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