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Is It Possible to Use Natural Refrigeration During Winter?

There’s not enough space in your refrigerator. There’s no room to put your latest batch of groceries. Meanwhile, the garage is absolutely freezing in the cold, winter weather. Is it safe to store perishable food such as milk and eggs there? Is natural refrigeration a viable option? Here’s what you need to know.

Your Garage as a Refrigerator

Storing refrigerated items in your garage is tricky under any circumstances. For this to work, the weather must be consistently below 40 degrees throughout the period you’re keeping items there. In some parts of the country, this is feasible, but the average winter low in Yuma is 48 degrees for December and January. If the temperature drops below 40 at all, it’s doubtful that it will be consistent enough to store food for any length of time.

Even if there is a sudden cold snap, there are other considerations. If your garage is insulated, then using it for natural refrigeration won’t work, as it will retain heat. Additionally, your garage tends to not be as clean as your house. If you put a gallon of milk down on the dirty floor and then bring it into the house, it can carry with it bacteria and other contaminants.

Other Natural Refrigeration Options

If you really need an extra place to store refrigerated items, there are a few options. Some people opt to buy a second refrigerator. However, this can be expensive, and it will raise your energy bills. Instead, try putting the items into a cooler filled with ice. The cooler will both insulate the ice so it doesn’t melt and protect the food from touching the dirty ground.

You might also consider a root cellar. Storing things beneath the ground keeps them cooler. This is the principle behind geothermal heat pumps. A small chamber underground, properly constructed, can keep out the heat and keep things reasonably cool. A skilled contractor can help you figure out if this is viable for your home.

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