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How to Detect an Unhealthy Temperature in Your Home

Unhealthy TemperatureSince Southern Arizona doesn’t get excessively cold, it’s easier to ignore your thermostat during the winter. Since your HVAC system uses so much energy, you may be tempted to not turn it on at all. However, your home can still have an unhealthy temperature — and it’s higher than you might think. Here’s what you need to know about staying healthy and comfortable this winter.

Hypothermia and Unhealthy Temperature

Everyone knows that if you get too cold, it can cause hypothermia. What many people don’t know is that it’s less likely to occur during below-freezing winters and more likely to happen when the air is only mildly cool. That’s because when it’s very cold, you take precautions: You bundle up, turn on the furnace, etc. When the temperature just starts to turn cool, though, you’re more likely to think you don’t need to protect yourself against the weather, creating an unhealthy temperature in your body.

However, if you spend a prolonged period of time in those cooler temperatures without taking steps to make yourself warmer, it can lower your own body temperature. This is what leads to hypothermia, along with kidney problems, liver damage … even heart attacks.

The Ideal Temperature

The World Health Organization recommends an indoor temperature no lower than 64 degrees for most healthy adults. If there are older adults or younger children in your home, though, they’re more susceptible to changes in body temperature, so anything below 70 degrees is an unhealthy temperature. You can kick the thermostat down a few degrees at night to save energy, but be sure everyone has plenty of blankets, wool pajamas, and other precautions to ensure they stay warm.

There are a few other precautions you can take to keep warm as well. Winterize your home, sealing leaks to keep the cold outdoor air from getting in. Dress warmly and be sure to wear socks or slippers indoors. Finally, avoid too much alcohol. It may make you feel warmer, but it actually lowers your body temperature.

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