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Do You Know How to Perform an Indoor Air Quality Test?

If you or anyone in your household has experienced health issues and you can’t immediately identify the cause, then the problem may be your home’s air quality. Here are five quick steps that will allow you to perform an indoor air quality test and achieve better air:

Use a Monitor to Perform an Indoor Air Quality Test

Purchase an indoor air quality monitor that gives you information on humidity, temperature, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), levels of particulate matter, and AQI (air quality index). These are the critical factors, but some units also check for outdoor air quality and levels of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

Evaluate Any Health Problems

Keep track of when your health problems arise. If you notice that symptoms get worse when you’re away from home, then your household’s indoor air quality isn’t likely to be the issue. If symptoms are especially harsh, please be sure to consult with a medical professional.

Monitor Carbon Monoxide and Radon Levels

Carbon monoxide and radon are both very dangerous, so it’s important that you monitor for each one. First, install a carbon monoxide detector on each level of your home, away from any source of gas. Next, pick up a radon testing kit and make sure that your home is clear of this dangerous element too.

Purchase a Few Air Purifiers

One of the best ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home is to set up a few air purifiers. You can also install a whole-house air purifier that connects to your HVAC system. Either way, it’s recommended that you use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters for the best results.

Contact an Air Quality Professional for an Indoor Air Quality Test

There are a few do-it-yourself air-cleaning methods you can try, such as cleaning your ducts and replacing your air filters on a regular basis, but more serious situations require a professional. These include indoor air quality problems such as the presence of mold spores or radon. If you encounter something like this, contact someone who’s trained to deal with it.

If you have any questions about performing an indoor air quality test or you’d like to schedule an appointment, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve been serving Yuma and the surrounding areas since 1952.