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What Are the Most Common Winter Electrical Problems?

When the weather turns colder, it often wreaks havoc on your electrical system. Left unchecked, it can cause your power to go out, damage your appliances, or even start an electrical fire. Here are some of the most common winter electrical problems you might experience.

  • Winter electrical outages. While Arizona doesn’t get the snow or ice that can lead to outages, what it does have in winter is heavy winds. These winds can damage power lines, leaving you temporarily without electricity.
  • Tripped breakers. When the power goes out, it might not be the whole neighborhood — it could be just your home. If you’re using a space heater, it takes a lot of energy, which can then trip the breaker. In some instances, your furnace can trip the breaker as well, though this is indicative of a larger winter electrical problem. Reset the breaker and try to not run too many appliances on a single switch at one time.
  • Faulty wiring. If you have faulty wiring, it’s a problem throughout the year, but in winter, when you’re using more power in general, your risk of incidents goes up. Outlets overheat, melting wires, which can then lead to a fire. If you see sparks (even small ones) when you plug something in, call your electrician to check out your wiring.
  • Outdated circuit breaker. If your home is more than 20 years old, the circuit breaker might not be equipped to deal with more modern appliances. Unless the system is rewired, the incompatibility can prevent the system from doing its job properly, putting you at risk of fire. Call your electrician to make sure everything is wired correctly.
  • Space-heater overload. Space heaters tend to use far more power than most other appliances. If your heater overloads, it can melt the protective coating around the wires or fuse the plug into the outlet. Get a heater with an automatic shut-off switch to prevent overheating, as well as a thermostat to keep your power use in check.

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